Kitchen Remodeling in 2013

We’re not really the type to make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I do have a goal in mind for 2013. With the possibility of moving always on the horizon, I have tried to tackle home remodeling projects in small pieces- updating paint, furniture, etc. at different times- rather than overhauling an entire room at once. That way I could never be caught off guard in the middle of a project and face the daunting task of selling a work-in-progress.

This year I have decided to make an exception, and we are now in the early stages of planning a kitchen remodeling project. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our home. I personally spend a majority of my time there cooking, cleaning, and working at the table. This poses a problem as the space is not too large and the organization leaves much to be desired.

When we first approached the idea of redesign, I wanted to tackle the project ourselves. NC is skilled with design programs and construction and I like to think I have an eye for good design. However, the more we considered the project the more I wonder if it makes sense to work with a design company to create the look and feel we want.

We live a little way outside St. Louis (if you consider 50 miles little) so working with a kitchen design company would involve time and effort for us to visit the suppliers and for the installers to travel all the way to our home. Cabinets, counter tops, and new flooring are all on the agenda, along with back-splash tile and a fresh coat of paint. This project is not something that will come cheap by any means.

Then there is the question of finding the right design company for our vision and budget. There are many companies in St. Louis to choose from, and many have great examples of their work. We’re considering going to a kitchen design seminar to get a feel for the process without the pressure of working with a consultant on our first trip. Personally, I hate to feel pressured to make a decision when it comes to big purchases, and it will be nice to have the buffer of others to allow us to examine the showroom for ourselves.

kitchen design

How awesome would this kitchen be?

After we do a little more research we can decide what kind of counter tops and cabinets we want to use for the space. NC has always had a thing for granite, but hopefully he will be open to more colorful options!


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