Personal Brand Statements

Hard working, dedicated communications student continually striving to produce original, written content and pursue a variety of creative ventures. 

Seeking a position involving opportunities to produce material for publcation which enhances the availability of both fiction and non-fiction content to the general public.



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Getting Started

Alright, blogging is something I have been working on for a few years, but never really stuck with or devoted to. Hopefully, with the New Year and new classes, I will be able to keep with it this time and make reading what I have to say worthwhile.


When performing a Google search for my name I was slightly surprised with the results. In addition to links to my Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts there is a post written in 2004 by my then-boyfriend about our relationship.

I was surprised to see it, and more surprised that, of all the things Google could have returned, that was the result that appeared. As I am no longer in contact with him I cannot simply ask him to remove it.

Hopefully when my name is searched for a job the date appears and any perspective employers will be mindful of the fact that my behavior at 14 is a far cry from my behavior at 21.

Aside from that minor detail, all of the accounts related to my name are private, and users who are not connected to me on those platforms are unable to see much except for a photo. I am careful to manage my privacy settings so that whenever systems change I am able to maintain this status.


Currently I am interested in the publishing industry. Editing, marketing, and the process of evaluating manuscripts fascinate me. I would love to be the person who discovers the next J.K. Rowling.

Unfortunately I do not know anyone within the industry. Through Twitter and professional sites I am trying to make contacts which will help to advance my prospects following graduation.


When it comes to sharing what I know with others, I have no qualms about taking on an instructive or leadership role. Through tutoring and shift management positions I have learned to project myself and insure that my advice and opinions are received.

I am new to sharing what I know via the internet. Aside from social networking sites, which I use infrequently and mostly for following others, I am not used to producing content for such a wide space.

Hopefully I will be able to build my net confidence and begin feeling comfortable enough to post the projects I have been working on as well as some of my writing.

I am often asked for advice about writing, editing, cooking, and making DIY projects. I would love to create a space to expose my knowledge to a wider audience.

Bringing It Home:

It is important to me to utilize the many benefits that the web has to offer. Between audience potential, advertisers, and media exposure the net is a modern entrepreneur’s dream. There is potential to be great without ever leaving your own house.

Personally, living an hour from civilization, I could use an occupation that does not involve driving to the office each day.

So, the moral of this post is my goal for 2012: get out there and get blogging!

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