An Unwelcome Addition

I confessed not long ago to being a Harry Potter fan. Well, it’s time for another confession.

{I watched the Sex and the City 2 movie.}

While the premise was ridiculous and the entire movie was a two hour excuse for SJP to wear outlandish clothes, there was one scene that stuck out to me.

In celebration of their wedding anniversary, Mr. Big presents Carrie with a brand new TV to be located in their bedroom. She’s appalled and he’s confused. What could possibly be the problem with having a TV in the bedroom?

Carrie and Mr. Big

I wrote off the movie as a waste of time and didn’t dwell on it again until recently. Over Christmas NC purchased a new TV for the living room. While I don’t harbor the appreciation for the finer, technical aspects, I was keenly aware that this meant that we suddenly had an extra TV lying around.

It’s had been a few weeks and the extra TV stayed put in the closet. About two weeks ago NC pulled it out and set it up in the bedroom.

Suddenly all of my disdain for Carrie’s reaction was erased and replaced with my own fears about what this possibly meant about my relationship. Were we, in our 20’s, suddenly taking on the lives of an old married couple?

Could it be that my efforts to keep our relationship fresh were wasted?

The first night when I came home from work I found NC in bed with a bag of Chex-Mix watching a movie. It was as if all my nightmares were staring me in the face.

I’m not implying that every relationship needs daily cuddling or falling asleep together to be sustained. But there has to be a balance. There has to be understanding that ultimately your partner is there with you, and you can record whatever program is so important to you.

NC and I had to set boundaries. He watches TV in bed when I am at work, and I watch TV when he’s gone. If we start watching TV in the living room and move to the bedroom that’s also acceptable.

The most important point is that we don’t turn the TV on every night.

After a few weeks I’m starting to mind its presence less. I’m still not a fan of bringing media into the bedroom but I’ve become more open to compromise.

Unlike Carrie and Mr. Big, it seems the TV in our room is a permanent fixture. Well, at least for now.


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