The Final Count Down…

Completely home made pb&j 

It’s hard to believe that PBandJterm is already finished. It seems like only yesterday we were setting up blogs and sending out our first tweets. I guess time flies, right?

Week three was packed full of information and guest speakers. It was a time to test the waters of our own niches, and for the most part we found that the waters were fine.


First up was Derek Mabie, the president of Evolve. Through his experience heading a company specializing in SEO, Derek was able to offer valuable advice to the class. Use keyword trackers, and cater to your audience he suggested. It does you no good to have the most fantastic content on the planet if no one can find it.


By utilizing keyword searches, bloggers and content developers can include specific triggers in headings and titles which will make their information more accessible to Google and other search engines that index sites.


While I had heard of SEO before, I had never found it to be relevant to my personal brand. After all, I’m the only Kirstie Hamel in the world (or at least the only one on the internet) and it takes over FIVE PAGES of Google search to find something completely unrelated to me. However, I learned that my name is not my most marketable asset. I need to optimize my posts to ensure that my blog is found by users searching for the topics I cover.


{Brands You Should Know}

If you’re not already a fan of Maddie and Jess from  City In A Jar, what are you waiting for?! These ladies have mastered the arena of blogging for a niche market and have been nominated by the River Front Times for a blogging award less than a year after launching.


Their presentation was inspiring. They decided to start a blog, got motivated, and made it happen. Jess was a PBandJterm student last year, which reinforces the fact that the lessons learned really do have real world applications.


Hopefully, I’ll be able to follow their blog and connect more with them in the coming months. These ladies make a dynamic team.


{Niche Blogging}


For this week’s assignment, I worked on three posts related to my homemaking niche. The Joint Checking Dilemma, Butterbeer Magic, and Teaching and Old Dog New Tricks all incorporated aspects of my life in a relatable way.


While I loved working on these posts, I learned that my passion for writing falls more under story telling than how-to or analytical pieces. I may be more suited to a column style. While that seems a little disheartening, I was also reminded of my love for editing. While reading through my classmates’ blogs, I discovered that I was unconsciously cataloging the changes that I would have suggested to them.


Perhaps my role in the future will feature behind-the-scenes work with the occasional special guest appearance. Who really knows?


{The End Has Arrived}


I enjoyed this class perhaps more than any other at Lindenwood. The community developed between the students was incredible, and I have no doubt that we will continue to grow beyond the classroom. I’m thankful to have learned so many valuable lessons, and I look forward to showing off the results in the future.


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