Two Down…

Two Down…


What’s that? Another week of J-Term is complete? It seems like the week flew by. Through more Twitter engagement, LinkedIn practice, and finding a niche, the PBandJterm class has continued to bond and build more effective personal brands.


LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. It acts as a connector between colleagues, peers, and friends.


Setting up an account requires slightly more detail than the usual social network . The goal, essentially, is to build an online resume which is connected to other professionals. That means that LinkedIn has space allotted for employment history, education, and web presence information.


Tips: Grow your network. Make connections with anyone you’ve worked or had relations with in the past. Every person you come in contact with is a potential open door to an infinite number of future connections.


Have a professional headshot. As presenter Nick Gilham pointed out, when looking at profile pages, eye tracking software demonstrates that the profile photo is a prominent focal point. Unlike Facebook, a LinkedIn photo should not include a bottle of booze or revealing clothing. Just use common sense when making the choice.


Include personal messages in requests. Always, always, always send a personal message along with a connection request. This gives the impression that you genuinely care about the person receiving the message, and you are more likely to make a good impression and build connections.


Finding a Niche:


Every brand needs a niche, or specific area of focus, on which to build a following. It’s not enough to be just a universal blogger. You can’t be good at anything if you focus too much on everything. Success will occur more for those who focus a lot of attention on a narrow field.


Thursday’s class consisted of niche proposals. Within the room the variety ranged from from crafts to relationships to fishing.


Each person became fully engaged with his or her topic. The blog posts coming in the next week are bound to be inspiring to read.


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