Spring Into The Next Semester

 J-Term is half way over, which means it’s time to start reorganizing for the spring semester. I find that nothing gives me new energy like a clean, organized room.


I only live at LU three days a week, so I don’t like to spend a lot of money to spruce up my space. Use what you have and buy only what you must.




The problem with dorm life is that it limits the ammount of space you have and the furniture on which you can put things. The trick here is to use every bit of space you’re given. Have your bed raised to its maximum height and use the space below for storage. No shelf should go unused in a dorm.


Make sure your organization designates a specific space for sleep and study. In LUL classes it’s taught that studing and sleeping in the same spot causes insomnia and restless sleep. It sounds like a bunch of bull, but once I tried sitting at a desk to do homework, I discovered for myself that it’s true.


My desk holds all of my craft supplies as well as my “Inspiration Book”. The supplies that don’t fit are contained in a storage box off to the side.


Like every other surface, the storage bin has decorative elements.


On top I placed a few books and a momento box. While this is nothing special, it improves the view and didn’t cost anything to add.


Organised as always, the insides of the drawers are separated by the types of projects the contents are used for. The top is artistic, the middle is crafts, and the bottom is fabric.





For the walls, I mixed personal art, purchased pieces, and photographs.


Wall art is tricky. There is an infinate number of ways in which to structure the layout. Personally, I like a mixture of plain wall and images. It makes the color stand out and keeps the room from becoming too busy and overwhelming for the eyes.


Also worth noting is the spacing of the art. Make sure that if you sit up in bed you won’t be leaning on a painting or knocking down photos. I sit againts the headboard, so I left the plaque on that wall higher than the others. I also left room for myself to roll against the long wall while sleeping.



Finally, the most difficult organizational challenge of all!

There is a fairly universally accepted rule that we wear about 20% of the clothing we own 80% of the time. That means the the majority of the stuff hanging there is just taking up space. Lucky for you, there are ways to remedy the situation. Make sure all of your hangers are facing the same direction. Then, every time you wear an item turn the hanger around so the hook is facing the opposite way. Keep this up for at least three weeks, and you’ll be amazed at how many times you default to the same outfits.


Once you’ve determined what you actuall wear, get rid of everything else. Donate it if you can, and toss out those items that are just beyond use. The same rule applies for shoes. If you’re not wearing them, they have no business in your tiny dorm room closet.


You can then order your newly minimized wardrobe in the order that works best for you. Some people choose by color or season. My closet is organized by type of item. The dresses are together, dress shirts, sweatshirts, etc. all have groups.

Make use of the top shelf if you have one. Mine holds my suitcase and purses.


Check it out, you now have a fresh start for spring! Hopefully these tips are helpful. I’d love to hear what steps you are taking to reorganize your own lives, so write in and let me know of any tips or suggestions I should be including.


3 responses to “Spring Into The Next Semester

  1. Holy cow, you are the definition of organized. My hat is off to you. What you do is very cool!

  2. I feel like I have already told you this thirteen times, but what’s one more?
    I love your writing. I love your ideas. I love you creativity. I love your blog.

  3. I love the hanger idea. Definitely going to try it!

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