One Down…

After a successful first week of Creating and Managing Your Online Personal Brand I am now more prepared to enter the world of Web 2.0 with confidence and begin building a successful personal brand.


All of the topics and activities combined personal experience with the knowledge of the social media savvy to develop open communication and interactive lessons.


Personally, I’m not usually a great participator in class discussions. I prefer to listen and learn rather than add my opinion unless it’s relevant. This week I got involved through Twitter and class, and I must say I learned a lot.


You Should Know…

Twitter– Communication in 140 characters or less. Twitter is the hot social medium in 2012. It’s strengths are its useability, connectivity, and lack of privacy controversies.


Twitter uses a basic layout which allows even those who are not necessarily tech savvy to use it. Profiles are limited to a short description, and there are no photo albums to manage.


The networking possibilities of Twitter are nearly endless. You can follow people you know personally, celebrities, or authorities on any topic. Hashtags (#) allow users to join global conversations and develop credibility among the community.


Finally, Twitter, unlike other SM outlets (sorry, Facebook), is primarily free from privacy scandals. The goal of Twitter is to share with others and build connections, so privacy is not necessarily a desired option. However, Twitter does allow users to restrict their tweets to followers if they choose.


Synopsis and Objective- Another goal of the week was the development of a synopsis and objective, both of which are valuable tools in brand promotion.


The synopsis is a short statement which is intended to capture the essence of the subject and promote interest among readers. The trick when writing a synopsis it to utilize valuable keywords without sounding too much like a vocabulary lesson.


Personally I’m not an advocate of the objective statement. The objective typically declares the type of work the subject would like to do and why. In the same form as the synopsis, it is meant to be short and to the point. The issue I find is that this is often limiting and may cause employers to overlook potential hires as a result.


The synopsis and objective are useful when creating a resume or profile. You can check out mine here.


Brand Personality– The perception others have of your brand is its personality. This perception is the result of a multitude of aspects. Physical appearance, manner of speech or writing, vocabulary, and online presence are all factors.


Something to consider is that every time you interact with the public in any capacity you are making a brand statement. I believe this gets lost in the social media world. No matter how strict your privacy setting may be, every comment you make or photo you post is available to the world.


It is crucial to evaluate the potential consequences of everything you say or do.


A quick way to evaluate brand personality is to gather comments from readers or peers. You can also review your own postings to evaluate yourself.


SEO– Search Engine Optimization is crucial. If you’re not using it, start now. I’m fortunate enough to be the only person in the world with my first and last name combination. That means when I Google my name, everything on the first page leads directly back to my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LindenLink articles.


Unfortunately, most people will find that others share their name who may appear first. This can be combatted through tagging, categorizing, and actively promoting your brand.


Want mire information about maximizing your SEO? Check out this article from Search Engine Watch.


Networking– Once you’ve gotten a start on Twitter and blogging, you can start networking. Follow as many people as you can, read blogs, and above all start conversations! You never know when a Twitter acquaintance may be the one to set you up with a future job.


Let’s Talk Passion…

Unlike those who have always known where they wanted to go in life, I have only very recently found something that I am truly passionate about.


I have talents and interests, but overall none of them were cause for great inspiration. I once wanted to be a teacher, but found the classroom structure and new requirements limiting. I considered writing, but my strengths are of the academic variety, and unfortunately there is little left to write about history that has not already been written. So, where does that leave me?


I mentioned in my last post that I moved to a new house last summer. I spent two months doing nothing but decorating, organizing, and cooking.


That’s when it hit me. I was taking something I loved and putting it to practical use. While I will likely spend a long time laying the groundwork, I eventually hope to lead a homemaking empire to rival that of Martha Stewart.


If you’re going to dream, dream big.


Ideally, I will be able to use the valuable lessons of PBandJterm to maximize my brand awareness and emerge as a professional in an industry filled with hopefuls.



5 responses to “One Down…

  1. “If you’re going to dream, dream big.” Love it. I can definitely see you in a role like Martha Stewart. You would fit really well in a career like that. You appear to have an incredible head on your shoulders, so I’m sure you will achieve that goal with no problem.

  2. Thank you! Your comments are always so positive. You should consider Matt’s “professional encourager” plan for a career, you would rock at it.

  3. Pretty amazing post. You look determinate and it’s inspiring. I read your post about the photo maps and I think you really got a talent for this. I’d just tell you to keep going with your motivation and you could “dream big” indeed.

  4. jdevonshire

    I really love all the good keywords you took away from class. I am definitely going to be taking some notes from your blogs, so detailed. 🙂

  5. Kirstie, you are a great communicator. I read your post, then bookmarked it so I could read it again sometime. Very, very good.

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