The Career Center: A Valuable Student Resource

Each semester, the Career Center assists students writing resumes, searching for employment opportunities, and finding the dream job. One of the greatest challenges to new grads is the inability to develop a resume and interview well. Rest assured, Goforth and her team are able to help.
Students often expect immediate success in the job market. Unfortunately, this is an unlikely occurrence. It is wise for new graduates to look for entry-level positions, and even then, expect more than a few rejections. Sound advice, however easier said than done.

The two types of interviews, informational and employment, are each crucial to the job search process. It is in students’ best interests to utilize both when meeting new contacts. The informational interview is intended to provide insight to a profession from a respected employer. It is not meant to secure employment or even a second interview. Students must learn about real-world applications for degrees before they are able to put them into practice.

Employment interviews are meant to secure a job. The most important thing to remember in this instance is preparation. Research the company and be sure to ask questions. It is crucial in the current market to show interest in a potential employer as a company, rather than just another job listing.
Students also face challenges when writing resumes, the product of classes where each professor wants something different. Luckily for Lindenwood seniors, Goforth’s office is here to help. There are several events in the works, including a resume evaluation and career fair which will give students a chance to better understand what is expected from them post-graduation.

For more information follow CareerCenter_LU on Twitter, or stop by the Career Center.


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