Future Media Talent Wants to Help Children

Brian Webb is nothing if not dedicated. Despite his overwhelming college schedule he was still able to find time to settle in for a quick chat with an eager reporter.

The third of four children, and the only boy, he is unphased by the chaos that surrounds reporting and the media. In fact, it is this very profession that he wishes to enter after completing his degree at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri.

Born in Indianappolis, Indiana, Brian moved to the other side of the Mississippi and an infant and has remained in the St. Charles area since. It was there that he graduated from Saint Dominic High School and will soon add a Mass Communications degree in the fall of 2012.

After completing Lindenwood, Brian hopes to persue employment with an organization such as ESPN, though, he claims he will be happy with a radio job as well. Either job would allow him to travel outside of the United States, which has been one of his life-long dreams.

It is his dream to be successful with work as well as family. After settling into a comfortable, stable job, he hopes to find a good woman to marry and eventually have children.

This love of family carries over into his aspirations for financial success. Eventually, Brian hopes to obtain enough money to present St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital with a sizable donation. This kind of charitable goal is uncommon among college students.

Truely a gentleman of character, it is with great hope that the people of St. Charles watch Brian Webb, as he sets out to make the world a better place.


3 responses to “Future Media Talent Wants to Help Children

  1. tiffoh111

    great blog. it was easy to read and composed well.

  2. Your approach to this was really unexpected, but not in a bad way. Your word play and sentence structure really played to your advantage on this one. By the second sentence you had gained my attention and I was sitting on the edge of my seat ready to read more. Good job!

  3. I really enjoyed reading an article about me. I have never had an article written about me. I thought the angle that Kristie took was good. She made me sound better than I am so that is an accomplishment.

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